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Our Gypsy bag is a 180 degree departure from what you have come to expect from Grey Ghost Gear. Make no mistake, this is not a bag for those shady vagabonds in peasant clothes your Grandma told you would kidnap you and sell you to a circus if you didn’t eat your beets. Crazy Grandma!

No, this bag is for the traveler and daily commuter who needs a sturdy bag with proper hoplogical features that does not advertise you’re an armed civilian. Nobody wants a bag that yells, “Yo, we got us a badass here!”

The flap top design is more in keeping with the bicycle commuter crowd than the Low Pro traveler, but of course looks can be deceiving. We have used waxed canvas for the majority of the bag and mixed stretch mesh on interior pockets and Hypalon accents on the yoke and front.

Dimensions are generous and pleasing without being too big (that’s what she said). It’s 19 in. tall, 16 in. wide, and 4.5 in. deep. This gives the bag a volume of 1368 cubic inches.

The top flap of the bag includes a zippered pocket on either side, each lined with soft material to protect Eye Pro, your phone or even your jewelry. On the lower left side of the flap there appears the leather GG skull accent you know you love and adore. The flap is held down by two adjustable 1 inch side release buckles.

Below the flap is a pocket that has a top cover secured with hook and loop material and two water resistant zippers that allows the pocket to be opened like a gate. On the front are two zippered mesh pockets properly sized to carry various small items sized between a bottle of pain reliever, a phone charger or brass knuckles. Further inside are stretch mesh pockets that vary in size to accommodate pens, flashlights, pistol mags or that extra battery for your laptop.

The front of the pouch has a Hypalon patch with slots cut in it so you add a light or an extra pouch. Under the flap are two rows of PALS webbing with 7 channels to allow you to expand the capacity of the pack by adding pouches to it. There is a zippered pouch just above the PALS webbing, 12 inches long and 8 inches deep. This will carry a notebook, a blowout kit and night vision goggles. Very roomy.

Ooh, we fancy.

The main compartment is BIG: 17 in. tall, 4 in. deep and 15 in. wide. That’s 1020 cubic inches, which is damn near enough to carry a midget stripper. You can access this area (or let her out) by a zipper vertically along each side of the back panel to allow access with the flap closed. There is a large loop panel sewn to the inside of the back panel to affix holsters and various hook backed pouches above that panel is another zippered pouch that is made of a stretch mesh. Size 12 X 7 inches. This pocket is big and will carry a small Macbook Air.

The back panel is padded with an air mesh that is quilted to improve wearer comfort and promote air circulation against the back. Sweaty backs are no good. Pack straps are in a yoke configuration and are adjustable for a wide range of wearer body types. They feature a built in carry handle with a Hypalon piece that gives it a non-slip surface. The underside has air mesh to pad the straps and make them comfortable in hot climates.

Plus it looks badass. Welcome to the Gypsy. 


  • 19” tall
  • 7” deep
  • 13” wide at bottom
  • 15.5” wide at top
  • Capacity is approx. 1200 cu in /20L