ARC Rig Side Panels


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Originally designed as a general purpose pouch for SR teams in the special operations community, the ARC rig has proven to be even more versatile than previously anticipated.
Whether it be for binoculars, range finders, a thermal optic protective barrier, or a mag pouch for UW capabilities, the ARC rig can be warn as a rack system on your plate carrier or individually in an LBE configuration. In addition to the ARC rig itself, the user can decide based upon mission requirements to integrate either the alpha or the bravo yoke attachment systems.
Adding to the wide range of military capabilities, the ARC rig is designed to support zippered side panels that can be added making it perfect for jungle warfare as a multilayered system. An internal flap can fold down providing the user with a clear protective barrier for maps, smart phones, cameras, or nine-line Med-Evac procedures.
Both free fall and torture tested, the ARC rig will be an essential addition to your team or platoon’s individual needs.
• large main compartment
• side webbing
• side zippers
• multiple mounting options on the bottom end
• fold-down, weather-protected admin pouch
• two small easily accessible compartments
• zip-on side panels
• internal protective barrier for various uses
• internal attachments points
• laser range finder, vortex 1000

Please Note: Price is for Zippered Side Panels Only- ARC Rig sold Separately.