SD Mega GT Sling


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Whenever a company that makes fast things want the consumer to know they are sporty and fast, we see GT in the name. Originally the abbreviation was for the term Grand Touring, that referred to the item being used for long distances in comfort. The original SDS is a rugged sling that is light weight and very affordable, but we wanted to make a “higher speed” sling design that shaved ounces while retaining strength and comfort.

Using laser cut laminate nylon material combined with tried and true nylon webbing we are able to give you one of the lightest yet strongest 2 point rifle sling that you will be able to find. Adjust the length single handledly using the GT ruck buckle with a rat tail lever. It features a portion of the sling that has loop sewn on it to affix strobes , ID Panels, or Morale Patches that continues MOLLE compatible slits throughout the entire padded area for the crafty soldier out there who likes to keep zipties and other tools of the trade stashed on their rifle sling.

Maximum Length: 70 in.
Shortest Length: 48 in.
Shoulder Pad Width: 2 in.
Weight: 2.4 oz