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UGF 3 Point Suspenders


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Suspenders, they hold your pants up, in merry old England they hold stockings up…….sorry, I got sidetracked. These suspenders hold your pants up. These are destined for use with our very popular, UGF Padded Battle Belt. The Y shaped suspenders attach to the inner belt allowing the user to remove their outer belt and access items stored onboard. The suspenders use ITW G-Hook fasteners to interface with the UGF inner belt. The inner belt will have three mounting spots in it to proper outfit it with the suspenders simply add the suspenders and now your pants and the sub-load that the outer belt carries will stay in their proper orientation.

The suspenders are made from the best materials that are light weight and still have a long life. We have used Hypalon as the main load bearing material. This material is not only light, but also moisture and mold resistant. We made the piece even lighter by cutting holes in it to relieve material where we could without sacrificing strength. The Hypalon is back faced with tweave to make it comfortable as well as quick drying. At the end of each suspender strap is 11 inches of color matched elastic. This allows a greater range of motion when running, climbing or wrestling bears. Each strap is accompanied by a metal slip lock, to ensure that when you have the perfect adjustment it stays put.

The UGF Suspenders are available in Black, Coyote, Ranger Green, and MultiCam.

UGF Belt sold separately.