REVIEW: Apparition SBR Bag - The Loadout Room

REVIEW: Apparition SBR Bag - The Loadout Room

November 9, 2017 | Rex Nanorum

We at Loadout Room are always looking for innovative products that are also built to last. We’ve had the opportunity to run a good amount of equipment from Grey Ghost Gear recently. While much of it has been overtly tactical in nature, this article focuses on a product that puts the “Grey” into “Grey Ghost Gear”: the Apparition SBR bag. The Apparition is a covert carry backpack, designed to not only securely transport your SBR or rifle, but to do so discreetly. In a world full of flat dark earth/MOLLE/morale patch packs, the Apparition stands out by not standing out at all.

While the Apparition looks like your usual hiking pack, hidden behind the small front pocket and the faux main compartment is the large, “hook and loop” backed SBR pocket.  (Quick note: while the manufacturer and this article both refer to this as the SBR pocket, a standard length rifle can fit here if broken down.)  The SBR pocket has five customizable velcro straps with which to secure your rifle.  If your 10.5″ barreled SBR needs a little extra space for a suppressor or blast shield, there is an external zipper that allows for a ~7″ expansion pocket to drop out the bottom, maintaining the low profile visibility signature.  On the reverse side of the main SBR storage region are (2) 30 round mag pockets and a couple of admin pockets.

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