REVIEW: Griff Pack - Breach Bang Clear

REVIEW: Griff Pack - Breach Bang Clear


Jan 5, 2017

This…this is a badass pack.

 A few months ago a couple of our minions received a new backpack from Grey Ghost Gear (a member of JTF Awesome), and though they make solid, well designed kit we usually like, this one really stands out. The Griff Pack is named for a friend of the company, an Army NCO who was killed serving his country in Iraq in 2005. Honoring their friend who was regarded as a tough, versatile, and all around solid dude, GGG put a metric shit ton of effort (that’s a serious measurement) into designing a unique pack with those same attributes.

This really is a pack you’re going to want to look at.

The Griff Pack is currently offered in a soft, almost sage grey. Unfortunately we don’t know if there will be other colors or camos in the future. The pack is a little more sneaky in appearance then most other “tactical” day bags out you’ll find out there. Grey is of course the “new black” in the gear world (or should that be “the new FDE”?) It’s understandably a popular choice for those spending more time in urban environments than the woods (and so we’re clear, it’s been well regarded as a functional field color at least as far back as WWII). Featuring a large embroidered Griffon (the heraldic beast) in color matched grey thread, the bag looks like one you might see a college kid carrying to class.The day pack sized bag manages to be full of clever features without an overtly “I’ve got a gun on” Beardy McTactical appearance.

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